UPDATE: Sonic Fan Film MAGFest Premiere Plagued with Problems

UPDATE: Sonic Fan Film MAGFest Premiere Plagued with Problems

by January 7, 2013

Lebron Assures: “Nothing that should effect the internet release”

The estimated 1,000 or so who packed a panel at MAGfest on Saturday for the world premiere of Blue Core Studios’s Sonic fan film appear to have left there disappointed.  Multiple reports, including some from attendees writing on the fan film’s Facebook page and other sources like SonicRadio.net, one of the film’s backers, have told TSSZ the finished film was not shown due to a Trojan that infected the producer’s computers.

“What we did see was awesome,” assured a fan writing on the Facebook page.

It appears the problem was accidental.  The planned Wednesday release of Sonic to the Internet should continue as planned.

“(It’s) Nothing that should effect the internet release,” wrote Eddie Lebron after the incident.

Blue Core brass did thank fans for their attendance on Facebook.

“We thank you all for attending the World Premier [sic] of Sonic. Over 1,000 of you showed your support. And It was great meeting all of you,” wrote Blue Core president Dan Horowitz.

UPDATE: Eddie Lebron himself has clarified the matter in our comments, and it appears a virus was not the culprit behind the botched premiere, but rather corrupted data ahead of time that prevented the finished film from making it to MAGfest:

It involved corrupted data from a render farm, a hard drive crashing, and our back up being unaccessible in NYC. Our workstation was taken to the convention since we were awaiting 2-3 re-renders and a series of events began. After the film’s release, I’ll make note of what exactly happened so people are completely aware but I have to spend the next day re-linking the film to our NY-back up so it goes online Wednesday. We don’t want to hide anything in regards to what happened but my priority is mainly releasing the film. What happened was tremendously frustrating and I’m glad we had something to show the audience (who seemed pleased).