Sonic Retro “Dork” Admits Propel Reddit Rumor a Hoax

Sonic Retro “Dork” Admits Propel Reddit Rumor a Hoax

by January 8, 2013

“I had NO idea this would get so huge

It turns out those who didn’t believe the information about an alleged new Sonic in the works under the working title Sonic Propel were right.  The person who wrote it came clean early this morning on Reddit, TSSZ has learned through a news tip.

Only known to us as 33002, the individual identified himself as a regular poster on the Sonic Retro forums.

“Just to clear things up, no, it is not real, and no, I am not really Japanese. I’m just a dork who is a regular on the Sonic Retro forums that decided to give the ol’ rumor mill a try, ” 33002 said.  “I had NO idea this would get so huge, I was hoping it might just spur some discussion on a forum or two. My bad.”

The intent, according to the poster, was to try and unify the fanbase with a set of more ideal gameplay tenets that many have been clamoring for:

I used this troll as a barometer to determine what elements of the Sonic games fans can almost unanimously agree on… and the amount of those elements surprised me greatly; a metric butt-ton of the fans who responded to the rumor on the various fansites were, for the vast majority, responded very positively to many of the elements included.

Which really goes to show, the Sonic fanbase is a much better one than most give it credit for. Yes, everyone has varying opinions on many of the elements, but for the most part, you’d be surprised about how consistent a lot of the answers are. The biggest point of contention I noticed was the altering of the model, which I blame mostly on a terrible butchering of the intended message from Google Translate, and the minimalistic plot, which some loved, some hated.

33002 also apologized for getting fans’ hopes up:

[….] Yes, I am a huge douchebag for this. 🙁 For that reason, I’m not giving away my online identity for fear of being utterly torn to shreds 😛 but these were my personal hopes for a future Sonic game, and I was hoping that others shared my tastes, so I decided to gauge that on a massive scale the only way I knew how… and as it turns out a lot of you did! Which is cool.

On Sonic Retro, where forumers there picked up on the information yesterday, the Propel discussion thread has since been tossed.  We have also retracted our original story, which was clearly labeled as rumor.  We want to get it right just as much as you do, so if you see anything in the future to help confirm or debunk a rumor or know something yourself, don’t hesitate to send us a news tip; you can elect to remain anonymous.