After Delay, Eddie Lebron’s “Sonic” Fan Film Released

After Delay, Eddie Lebron’s “Sonic” Fan Film Released

by January 10, 2013

Watch It Now, Then Join a Live Chat with Lebron

Eddie Lebron and Blue Core Studios took a bit of of a drumming last night from the more snarky among us for not meeting the Sonic fan film’s target release date of January 9th.  But that’s all in the past now, as the 18 minute film has been released to Youtube.

The film, a live action and CGI hybrid, is getting a lot of attention more for the high level cameos found within.  We won’t spoil the surprises; take a look for yourself below.

When you’re finished watching, we want to let you know one of our affiliates,, will be holding a Q&A session with Lebron a little later this evening via Sonic R TV.  The live video stream and chat begins at 6PM Eastern, 3PM Pacific and 11PM in the UK.  You can go here to be a part of it.