ASR Transformed for Steam Dated, Priced

ASR Transformed for Steam Dated, Priced

by January 10, 2013

The Wait’s Almost Over, PC Players

Valve, the folks behind the Steam digital download service for PC, today opened a portal page for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and confirmed the page would be out on the platform beginning January 31st.

Two different versions can be purchased.  A single license will run $29.99, though that price is discounted 10 percent for those who pre-order before the 31st.  A second option for $79.99 allows a single player to distribute the game to three of his or her friends.

No mention is made on the page of additional DLC, but it is almost a certainty we will see extra characters, including the main cast of Team Fortress 2 as found in retail copy code many moons ago, show up on the service.

Keep in mind also that we have the 3DS version of ASR Transformed to look forward to.  At last check, that edition is still on track for release next month.  We will let you know if anything changes.