Yuji Naka Watches Sonic Fan Film–And Likes It

Yuji Naka Watches Sonic Fan Film–And Likes It

by January 11, 2013

Your Move, Haters

The release of Eddie Lebron’s Sonic fan film has been met in some circles with rather intense and arguably over-the-top negative criticism.  But at least one person likes the short live-action/CGI hybrid, and his opinion may count the most.

It’s that of Yuji Naka, one of the core creators behind Sonic.  Mr. Naka talked about the film via his Facebook and Twitter pages earlier today, and called the work “Awesome.”  In Japanese, a loose translation appear to indicate he didn’t find the work “too terrible” as some have made it out to be and appeared to even write, “Hey, looks like you made ​​Sonic in Hollywood.”

By the way, as of this article’s publication, the film has been viewed more than 140,000 times on Youtube, with a like to dislike ratio of about five to one.