Sega Music Surfaces on Spotify

Sega Music Surfaces on Spotify

by January 15, 2013

Plenty Available, Though No Sonic Stream Yet

When it comes to streaming music, many of the cool kids look to Spotify, the online service from Sweden with some 20 million subscribers.  Known for allowing audiophiles to browse and stream a wide array of tunes in full, it’s not really known for catering to gamers’ tastes, but it appears Sega wants to change that.

German Sega blog Sega Portal has discovered a selection of Sega soundtracks available via Spotify.  The music includes both Spiral Knights soundtracks, Sega Rally Revo, multiple Total War entries, Mad World.

You can click the link cited to get a complete list, but know that Sonic soundtracks, for now, do not appear to be part of the roster.  That could change in the future, however, and we will let you know if and when it does.