“Freedom Planet” Kickstarter Launched

“Freedom Planet” Kickstarter Launched

by January 16, 2013

Modest $2000 goal met within hours

Since its unveiling I’ve always felt Freedom Planet was something special – though perhaps a little too connected to its roots as a kinda-sorta Sonic fangame. Over the months the project has evolved and grown to downplay the Sonic the Hedgehog influences – characters have been redesigned, art styles have been tweaked, and the game has gained prominence in the indie gaming world as “one to watch”.

Now, Freedom Planet takes the next step by launching a Kickstarter to help commercialize the game – Strife, the game’s creator, is asking merely $2000 in a budget clearly outlined in the project’s description:

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how we intend to use the money we receive:

  • Steam Greenlight – $100
    This will enable us to submit the game to Steam’s Greenlight system. Be sure to vote for us, and if we make it through Greenlight, the game will become available for download to all Steam users!
    Everyone who pledges $10 or more will receive a Steam key free of charge if we are Greenlit.
  • SWF Exporter – $69
    This will give us a workaround for Mac users to be able to play the game. It will also allow us to embed a Flash version of the demo directly onto our website; The demo won’t even have to be downloaded for people to try it out!
  • mProjector 4 for Macintosh – $249
    This will allow us to convert the Flash version of the game into a desktop application for Mac users. Thus, it is the final stepping stone for getting the game working on Macs.
  • XNA or Android Exporter – $79
    The XNA exporter will enable us to sell the game on Xbox. Our only viable option at this point is Xbox Live Indie Games, as XBLA is notoriously difficult to be accepted into. We’re still on the fence about Xbox, so if we decide not to take the risk, we will instead wait for the Android exporter to be released so that we may prep the game for the upcoming OUYA console.
  • SoundSnap Subscription (200 sounds) – $149
    While some of our sound effects are original creations, we are also seeking to add additional sound effects from SoundSnap into the game. We would like to purchase one of their subscription plans so that we can pick and choose a bunch of cool sounds from their extensive library.
  • Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer – $369 (without upgrade discount)
    This enables us to sell the game without needing to add the Multimedia Fusion 2 logo in it, and it also gives us access to several exclusive object extensions.
  • Art Commissions – $500+
    Gorgeous artwork like the stuff on our website doesn’t come for free. We’re looking to commission a talented artist full-time for this project, and we’ll need a decent sum of dough to get the best quality possible. We don’t have an exact amount set in stone because we’re still waiting for responses from several of our top choices, but we feel that we should save up at least this much.
  • Manufacturing and Shipping Costs for Pledge Rewards – $???
    One of the rewards you can receive for pledging money is a dual CD set of the game’s soundtrack. A portion of the money pledged will go towards manufacturing and shipping charges for this.
  • Deduction Fee – $100+
    Kickstarter will, of course, inhale 5% of our funding goal if we are successfully funded, which adds up to at least this amount.

Also in tow to coincide with the launch of the Kickstarter is a brand new version of the Freedom Planet demo – version 1.3, which brings with it improved visuals, tweaked controls, and some new moves to play around with.

For fans of the game, worry not: not even 24 hours since its launch, the Freedom Planet Kickstarter has already met its funding goal. While the KS project page does mention possible Stretch Goals (bonus incentives for exceeding the original funding estimate), nothing solid has really been nailed down at the time of this writing.

This marks the latest in what is becoming a line of Sonic Fangames HQ community members who have parlayed their interest in game development in to real, actual, paying jobs – previous names include Taxman with his Retro-Engine-powered HD version of Sonic CD, and SFGHQ founder Rlan’s involvement at Halfbrick Studios, creators of Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja. If nothing else, Freedom Planet has the distinction of being the first self-published, Kickstarter-funded indie game out of the lot.

Stay tuned – with 29 days left, we’ll probably have more to report on this Freedom Planet Kickstarter in the coming weeks.