Radio Sega’s Media Portal Infected with Malware

Radio Sega’s Media Portal Infected with Malware

by January 16, 2013

Concerns Sonic Wrecks May Also Be Infected

Late on Tuesday, community based Sonic and Sega music stream service Radio Sega issued a statement warning visitors not to visit the web site’s media section, as it had been hit with infectious malware.

“Do not visit RadioSegaMedia untill further notice,” read the statement. “It has been attacked by malware and will try to affect your computer if you access it. Contact Gavvie or Foreversonic for infomation or worries. Again please wait until further notice before visting.”

That may not be the only concern.  Radio Sega’s media portal is hosted on the same servers as Sonic Wrecks, another prominent community website.  That has prompted a second statement via the Sonic Wrecks Twitter urging caution in visiting that website as well.

“At present there is no indicator we have been affected – however I would recommend not visiting the site for now until we can 100% confirm,” reads that statement.

When we get word of an all-clear, we will pass it along.  Thanks to AugieD for tipping us on Twitter.