Sonic Fan Remix Dev Launches Kickstarter for Racing Project

Sonic Fan Remix Dev Launches Kickstarter for Racing Project

by January 21, 2013

“The 90’s Arcade Racer” Seeks $15k+ in Support

A while back, you may have noticed a Sonic fan game in development that took much of the video game world by surprise.  Sonic Fan Remix, a 2.5D demo with brilliant rendered environments, was featured in numerous mainstream gaming publications, and gave starved fans itching for proper 2D platforming hope until the real deal in Sonic Generations cemented the hedgehog’s return to roots.

SFR never got past a public Emerald Hill demo and some screenshotsof Chemical Plant Zone in progress.  But that doesn’t mean that talent’s gone to waste.  Pelikan13, one of the two principals behind the effort, has been hard at work on a new project, dubbed The 90’s Arcade Racer, and over the weekend he took his work public in hopes of securing additional funding through Kickstarter.

Like SFR, Arcade Racer evokes memories of past Sega classics.

“The three that ate up most of my coins where Scud Race, Daytona USA and Indy 500, my goal is to recreate the feeling these games evoked from players by maintaining the colorful, vibrant look and sense of speed but with modern visuals and car handling models,” Pelikan13 said on the Kickstarter.

Arcade Racer is being developed for PC, Mac and Linux, with a port for Ouya being considered.  The fundraiser and its initial goal of £10,000–or more than $15,000–is meant to keep the project continuing in its current state, with a target release date of November.

“As this is a one person project for the time being the funds will ensure the game remains a full time project, purchasing essential software and paying for freelance programming work in tricky areas,” Pelikan13 said.

A second “stretch” goal of £20,000 would allow a second programmer to come on to the project and allow Pelikan13 to add on to a planned championship mode and potentially include multiplayer and leaderboard support.

As of this article’s publication, almost £2,500 have already been raised.  The Kickstarter ends February 17th.