ASR Transformed on PC Leaked?

ASR Transformed on PC Leaked?

by January 24, 2013

Reader Reports Suggest Pirates Have it in Hand

If you are itching for next week’s release of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on PC digital download, you apparently weren’t the only one.

TSSZ received a report earlier this morning from a reader and some corroboration from other readers and Twitter followers that the port is now circulating among some pirate software websites.  A couple of our followers have also written in to claim the download has not popped up on more “reputable” file sharing sources.  Things like this can be difficult to confirm.

How could such a heist be successful, given Sega’s distribution through DRM platforms like Steam?  You may remember it is not the only venue by which the PC version will see a release.  A boxed copy of ASR Transformed for PC is available for pre-order now from some UK and European retailers.  If the leak is legitimate, it is likely a couple physical copies that were sitting in warehouses or back offices have found their way into dirty hands.  It is far from the first time that has happened to a Sonic game in recent years.

TSSZ does not condone or promote piracy, so no links to the software download will be afforded here no matter what.  Even then, the software floating around may be bundled with some nasty virii–so always be sure to buy the real thing, boxed or otherwise.