Sonic Team Members Guests on JP Internet Livestream This Weekend

Sonic Team Members Guests on JP Internet Livestream This Weekend

by January 28, 2013

Is Our First Look at the Next Sonic A Few Days Away?

There have been rumors circulating elsewhere about a new Sonic game slated to be announced next month.  That there is a new Sonic in the works should be no surprise, and even the idea of it being announced around now or early Spring shouldn’t be a shock; it has been Sega’s M.O. the past few years.

But with these rumors circulating comes a piece from the Russian Sonic Scene website that offers details of an upcoming Internet livestream on Saturday for most of our readers.  The livestream, according to the report, will include guests such as Takashi Iizuka, Kazuyuki Hoshino, Tadashi Takezaki, and Jun Senoue, translated in the article as Jun Segami.  All four individuals have had their hands in recent Sonic titles.  It appears to be a 90 minute chunk of time.

Here’s the catch–we have learned this is part of a broader Sega effort, where multiple franchises and representatives will be on the live stream over a period of 24 hours straight.  Those franchises include Yakuza, Phantasy Star Online 2, Project Diva, Puyo Puyo and other Japan-specific franchises.  You can see the full schedule here and bookmark the livestream link, which is here.

We don’t anticipate that every single franchise is going to drop a bomb during this event; it is more likely this could be a celebration of Sega’s strongest works, and how that will play out is anyone’s guess.  Still, with 90 minutes to presumably fill on the stream, there is a decent chance something significant will come out of the stream.  The stream begins at 2AM Sunday in Japan, which is Noon ET Saturday and 9AM Pacific in North America, and 5PM in the UK.  Our team will monitor developments over the weekend, but for the moment, keep your hype in check.