The History of Sonic Collector’s Edition now available

The History of Sonic Collector’s Edition now available

by January 28, 2013

If you don’t have it already, now it’s your chance

Pix’n Love Publishing has revealed that you can now buy the special collectors edition of their History of Sonic book…right on their website.

When they first published the book in French, there was a special collector edition and a regular edition. back when the book was released in English, only the regular edition was published. Now you can get also the special collector edition, in English.

It’s only available to buy through Pix’n Love official site , for only 29’99£ /47’07 $. It features the same as the French collector’s edition: a special hardcover with a golden Sonic logo, and it’s numbered.

So, if you hadn’t still bought the book, or want to own both special and regular editions, now it’s your chance. And be fast, because it’s very limited and might sold out soon!