3D Space Harrier coming out in the west

3D Space Harrier coming out in the west

by January 29, 2013

At least in Australia

Australian folks who own a Nintendo 3DS are now lucky ones.  Sega is going to release its ( until now) Japan only magnificent 3D classic remake,  3D Space Harrier, for Nintendo 3DS, in Australia. Which means that it’s probably going to be released in Europe and America too.

We know it thanks to the Australian rating agency, who has already rated the game ( and it gets a G rating for very mild violence). It was rated today, 29’th of January, so we can expect the title to arrive Australian systems soon.

For those who don’t know, 3D Space Harrier is the remastered port of the original Space Harrier arcade game, a classic arcade game who any Sega fan should play at least once in their lives. It includes lots of new functions, like 3D graphics ( something who was already present in the saga thanks to Space Harrier 3D for Sega Master System), touch screen controls, motion controls, or even a mode who recreates the feelings of playing the game on its original arcade cabinet, screen tumbling included.

As for now, no word has been told about the game coming out in Europe and America, but it probably is.  We’ll tell you if that happens, and of course, when.