Flynn Acknowledges “There’s going to be some changes” with Sonic Comics’ Future

Flynn Acknowledges “There’s going to be some changes” with Sonic Comics’ Future

by January 29, 2013

“There is nothing the fans can do about it”

The heavy edits made to Sonic #244 last month were a shock to the system to many longtime readers, especially when word reach that Archie Comics and former writer Ken Penders, in principle, agreed to key settlement terms regarding numerous disputed copyrights related to the comics.  We remain unaware as to whether that agreement has been finalized.

But since last month’s unexpected discovery, more edits have been found by fans, in particular edits made to Sonic Super Special #6 where a page from an included back story was outright cut.  That edit allegedly included the presence of Lien-Da, one of the characters under dispute.

That, paired with increased frustration and uncertainty among fans has prompted current comic writer Ian Flynn to concede on his forums that things are not going to be the same with the series from now on.  Flynn also asked for reactive behavior among his forumers to temper.

“Regardless of what’s going on, there is nothing the fans can do about it. What will happen will happen, and that’s all there is to it,” Flynn said.  “There’s going to be some changes. That’s beyond my control and the fans’ control. [….] I’m not asking folks to be happy about it. I’m just asking you be mature about it.”

Flynn did assure fans the comic itself is not in danger, and noted he is working on plans for both the short and long-term.

“The comic isn’t going anywhere. The SatAM cast isn’t going anywhere,” Flynn explained.  “I’m plotting out the end of the Naugus subplot, short-term plans for post-crossover 2013, and long-term plans for years after.”

The flip side is that while the events detailed in Sonic #244 did not necessarily close the door on so many characters, these remarks almost certainly do.