Weekend Sonic Team Livestream Will “Relive Sonic History”

Weekend Sonic Team Livestream Will “Relive Sonic History”

by January 29, 2013

Wanted a New Sonic?  Prepare for Disappointment

A lot has been made of yesterday’s report that indicated key members of Sonic Team would sit in on a special 24 hour long Internet livestream Sega was producing for this weekend.  TSSZ has now translated the exact contents of that stream as Sega has promoted it, and it may be much ado about nothing.

We asked our Japan correspondent Danny Russell to afford a proper translation of the Sonic Team session listing as shown here.  The translation indicates the time will most likely be spent as a retrospective than anything else:

90 minutes devoted to indulging in Sonic. Relive Sonic history and classic SEGA hardware.

That doesn’t necessarily mean something major won’t be announced at the session–or that something major won’t be announced over the course of the weekend, with Saturday known to many fans as Hedgehog Day–but this may be nothing more than a playthrough of classic Sonic fare by the main team themselves, and we now have far less confidence today this will be the announcement fans have been waiting for.  We’ll still keep watch of the livestream for you this weekend, but it may be best to hop off the hype train for now.