Out Now: ASR Transformed on PC

Out Now: ASR Transformed on PC

by January 31, 2013

Unlocked and Loaded

Originally, the Steam PC version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was scheduled to unlock for those pre-ordering at 1PM Eastern time this afternoon.  But it appears the download unlocked a bit earlier than expected today.

The PC port contains several added characters, including the main cast of Team Fortress 2, the manager from the Football Manager series, the Shogun from the Total War series.  All those extras were first confirmed by TSSZ reporter Andrea Gil in November.

A few problems have been reported with the PC edition, including problems accessing the game’s configuration menu, and trouble scaling the video resolution beyond 720p.

If you’ve purchased ASR Transformed on PC, tell us how it plays below in the comments.  There’s still one more edition to go in the series; Ryan Bloom will review the Nintendo 3DS port when it is released next month.