Want Yakuza 5 In the West?  “Spread the Word,” Says Webber

Want Yakuza 5 In the West? “Spread the Word,” Says Webber

by January 31, 2013

“The Best Thing That Can Be Done” is Awareness

Though Yakuza 5 was a fairly big hit when released in Japan last year, Sega has not announced plans to bring the next chapter in the storied mafia series over to Western markets.  The likelihood of a localization seems to lessen with each passing day, but much like how longtime diehard Shenmue fans manage to remind gamers from time to time the franchise deserves more recognition, perhaps a similar outcry from Yakuza players can change that.

Sega’s Aaron Webber suggested as much in remarks made in conversations with fans on the Playstation Blog, where he announced the digital release of Bayonetta to PSN.  He had a fair number of Yakuza requests to sort through, but this response seems to best represent the situation:

[….] I hear you on it feeling a little strange to not have one releasing this March. Right now the best thing that can be done is to help spread the word on the series – tell your friends or others you think might enjoy them, and have them grab a copy of Y4 or Dead Souls.

No news of any announcements, but thanks in advance to yourself (and all the Yakuza fans) who are still pushing hard to support the series here. It’s great to see that dedication.

Also in the thread, Webber addressed matters relating to Ecco (“no news,” in his words) and also recent rumors surrounding the next Sonic, saying that “internet rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.”