Lycett Addresses ASR Transformed PC Problems

Lycett Addresses ASR Transformed PC Problems

by February 1, 2013

“We’re aiming to correct these for you as soon as possible”

Amid widespread reports of various issues, large and small, with the Steam PC version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Sumo executive producer Steve Lycett addressed the Sega forums earlier today and assured players they’re working on fixes.

Those fixes appear to be numerous.  In his statement, found in full below, problems such as the inability to disable voice chat and hardware instability are discussed.  Lycett also notes Metal Sonic and Outrun Bay DLC should be available “shortly,” in his words.

Have a look at his full statement below.


So first, a quick apology that some of you are experiencing issues playing the game. We’ve worked closely with SEGA and we’ve had a HUGE amount of testing, but it seems a few things have come to light now we’ve got so many more players and so many more PC configurations being used!

The first thing I would suggest if you’re having any problems is to make sure you’re up to date with your video card drivers. We’ve extensively tested the game on current drivers for many kinds of Nvidia, ATI, Intel devices and more, so generally, if you’re having strange visual problems this should sort it out.

In the meantime, we’re looking into the following with a view to getting them solved as quickly as possible.

Multiplayer ‘Match No Longer Available’ when playing over multiple regions.
Missing objects on older cards that don’t support INTZ.
Older DirectInput pads causing pointer drift in launcher.
Vsync and 120Hz related weirdness.
Steam Voice chat – option to shut it up 😛
Instability on certain hardware.

I’ve already got the team looking into all of the above, so rest assured we’re aiming to correct these for you as soon as possible.

I know there have also been questions on if the Metal Sonic + OutRun DLC will be made available. I spoke to SEGA about this earlier today and this will be made available shortly, I’ll let them pick that one up once it’s out!

Again, apologies if you’re experiencing problems, hopefully we can get all the above sorted out quickly and an update pushed to Steam in the very near future.