Pelikan13’s “90s Arcade Racer” Kickstarter Goal Met

Pelikan13’s “90s Arcade Racer” Kickstarter Goal Met

by February 7, 2013

The Retro Racer Will Go Forward

We have good news to report on a major project from an ex-Sonic Fan Remix developer.  The 90s Arcade Racer, the work of Pelikan13, has met its £10,000 goal on Kickstarter.

That means the project, inspired by classic Sega racers like Daytona USA and Super GT and currently in the works for PC, Mac and Linux, will press on with formal development.  A release is expected in November.  Well over 400 contributors have chipped in toward the project.

The Kickstarter still has a bit of time left to reach a £20,000 stretch goal, which if met, will go toward “more content, meaning I can have some talented artists help me create more tracks, more cars and generally more polished content for the game,” Pelikan13 says.

Hit the above cited link if you still want to contribute.