LakeFeperd Releases “Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath”

LakeFeperd Releases “Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath”

by February 8, 2013

Release Trailer and Download Link Inside

While LakeFeperd’s next major Sonic fan game release, Sonic After the Sequel, has been delayed while the well-respected developer waits for its soundtrack to be completed, the man has still been hard at work, and now has a new SFG for players to enjoy.

It’s called Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath, and it appears to bridge the story and gameplay between the original Sonic Before the Sequel and what’s to come.  The mechanics are a little different from traditional Sonic gameplay, but so far it’s earned a fair bit of praise from the community.

Take a look at the release trailer for SBTS Aftermath below, and then be sure to download it, give it a play, and tell us your thoughts in the comments.