Freedom Planet Kickstarter Ends with Over $25K Raised

Freedom Planet Kickstarter Ends with Over $25K Raised

by February 14, 2013

More than 1,000 Contributors to the Cause

Here’s something fans of Freedom Planet are sure to love: the Kickstarter for somewhat Sonic inspired and independently produced title  just ended a few minutes ago with more than $25,000 raised from supporting communities in total.

Freedom Planet, if you’re not aware, is a retro platformer currently developed for PC release, though the money raised will certainly expand those horizons to, potentially, Mac, Steam, iOS, XNA, and other options.  Stephen DiDuro, the main director behind Freedom Planet, has been actively seeking input from the Sonic community and other areas to improve the game these last several months.

His Kickstarter has been met with overwhelming support, with about 1,100 contributors donating to the effort.  While an incredible amount that means extra in-game character, extra programmers, and  a $30,000 stretch goal where additional professional pixel artists would have been hired to improve the game’s graphics was not met.  Kickstarter will also acquire five percent of the final tally as a service fee.

As development ramps up toward a release next year, we’ll be sure to keep you informed on any major progress.