ASRT 3DS demo on the eShop today

ASRT 3DS demo on the eShop today

by February 22, 2013

Try before you buy

If you haven’t read our Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 3DS review, you probably should. I really did not like the 3DS version of the game for a multitude of reasons that are explained in the review itself. For those of you who are curious as to how bad the game is, but not curious enough to drop the $30 on buying it, today the Nintendo 3DS eShop updated to include a demo (along side demos for Monster Hunter and Naruto).

The ASRT 3DS demo clocks in at just over 1000 blocks and affords you the ability to try out two events in World Tour mode as Sonic: A race in Dragon Canyon, and a boost challenge in Adder’s Lair. A third event is teased for getting 8 stars in World Tour mode, but only six can be acquired. Neither of the two included demo events showcase the worst of the game’s problems, though you can trigger the bug that prevents you from executing stunts after using an All-Star move.

While I personally can’t blame you if you think the demo makes this version of the game seem enticing, just keep in mind what could be, and how much better it is on other platforms.