Sega Releases “Shining Ark” Launch Trailer, Disables Commentary

Sega Releases “Shining Ark” Launch Trailer, Disables Commentary

by February 26, 2013

A Response to Recent DMCA Takedown Criticism?

News tipster Jaden brought this to our attention today: Sega of Japan released on Monday a lengthy launch trailer for Shining Ark, the upcoming JRPG from the Shining Force set for release on PSP this week.

You can look at the 11 minute trailer below, but the trailer itself is not what’s newsworthy; it’s how SOJ controlled its release.  Jaden explains:

What’s interesting to note is that almost everything is disabled in the video, even the vote system, which is quite odd since the prior and succeeding video had it enabled, might have to do with the recent incident a while back maybe?

As Ryan Bloom reported in November and December, fans of Shining Force have come under fire from a swath of takedown notices Sega has filed with Youtube against a wide array of franchise-related video.  Those fans have accused SOJ, and in particular current Shining franchise producer Tsuyoshi Sawada, of drowning out their voices in order to better promote current titles like Shining Ark.  We should note Sawada does hold marketing credits on Sonic Adventure 2 and the Sonic Advance series, among other Sega games.

The truth is, most if not all video uploaded to Sega’s Japanese Youtube channel have such interactive features such as comments and voting enabled, so it’s not completely out of left field to consider that Sega may be controlling the message of Shining Ark a bit tighter than normal due to fan backlash.  Whether that benefits Shining Ark will be known sooner rather than later, as sales data comes in.

We will continue to monitor the dispute and any impact it has on the Shining franchise, be it the fans or official development.  In the meantime, thanks to Jaden for tipping us.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us.  Click Send Tips at the top of every page, or tip us on Twitter.