New Video: Freedom Planet Milla Gameplay

New Video: Freedom Planet Milla Gameplay

by February 27, 2013

Your Kickstarter Dollars at Work

Fresh off that amazing Kickstarter effort, Freedom Planet director Stephen DiDuro released extended gameplay video for his upcoming indie project.

The video below, first released to backers on Monday, shows progress on both Milla as a character and her first stage, Aqua Tunnel.  If you’re not familiar with Milla, the video description will take care of that:

Milla isn’t as strong or durable as her friends, but she has a variety of moves that are good for exploring. She can summon and launch barriers, float in the air, pick up and throw item boxes, or create her own blocks out of thin air!

Have a look at the gameplay below.  As we learn more about Freedom Planet’s progress, we will offer updates here.