Layoffs Hit A:CM Contributor TimeGate Studios

Layoffs Hit A:CM Contributor TimeGate Studios

by March 5, 2013

Up to 25 May Be Affected

While all official indications are that Aliens: Colonial Marines is selling well despite a flurry of criticism about the game’s quality and how it got there, one of the development houses significantly responsible for what made it to stores is less well off.

A Polygon report says that up to 25 people may have lost their jobs at Texas based TimeGate Studios this week.  If the company’s Wikipedia page is to be believed, that could potentially mean more than a third of the workforce has been laid off.

TimeGate president Adel Chaveleh pointed to “for the transition to next-generation consoles and new business models” as the reason behind the downsizing.  Independent sources, however, tell Polygon that the layoffs are a result of a publishing deal falling through.

TimeGate shared development responsibilities with Gearbox and others in creating Aliens: Colonial Marines.  The extent of that responsibility is not publicly known, but accusations have surfaced since the game’s release that Gearbox Software may have outsourced most or all of A:CM’s development.