See Sonic Dash in action

See Sonic Dash in action

by March 6, 2013

13 minutes of Sonic doing what he does best

It seemed a little weird that Sonic Dash would get so close to release without any screenshots or video, but thankfully TouchGameplay has us covered with this 13 minute “trailer” for Sonic Dash on the eve of release. The video shows us the first two areas in the game as well as teasing other playable characters and even giving us a glimpse at the in-app store.

Items like revives and power-ups can be bought using collected rings, with more useful items being priced out using rare “Red Star” rings. For those out there who want to avoid the tedium of collecting them by hand, bundles of rings can be purchased using real money starting at $0.99 for 1,000 rings up to 50,000 rings for the high price of $28.99. Users can also pay $3.99 to double the amount of rings they collect while playing. Packs of Red Star rings also start at $3.99 (30) up to $14.99 (150). Users who want to forgo buying them separately can spend a staggering $50 for a pack of 100,000 rings and 600 Red Star rings, presumably giving you more than you’ll ever need to unlock everything in the game and then some.

It’s worth mentioning that even during the course of this 13 minute video, the player collects over 800 rings – more than enough to invest in some of the game’s upgrades and power-ups. Red Star rings are a different story, and it will be a long road to unlock characters like Tails or Knuckles without spending some real money.

What do you guys think? Does Sonic Dash look cool?