LakeFeperd Reveals Next SFG Project

LakeFeperd Reveals Next SFG Project

by March 12, 2013

First Video of “Sonic Chrono Adventure” Inside

With fans still eagerly waiting on the release of Sonic After the Sequel, well respected SFG developer LakeFeperd on Monday formally revealed Sonic Chrono Adventure.

SCA looks to fuse traditional Sonic platforming with some RPG elements, notably those from Square Enix’s Chrono Trigger franchise.  LakeFeperd even says a fan character hailing from Chrono Trigger will be included in the game.  Time travel and more cutscenes will also be included.

The announcement trailer below includes some gameplay footage, as well as news if you just can’t wait for SATS.  LakeFeperd says to expect the much anticipated follow-up to Sonic Before the Sequel at the end of next month, whether its soundtrack is complete or not.