Aliens Colonial Marines on PC gets an update

Aliens Colonial Marines on PC gets an update

by March 19, 2013

Trying to make the mess a less painful experience

Alien: Colonial Marines has been famous in the last months for being a trainwreck of a game, with lots of drama surrounding the implied Gearbox misuse of Sega’s founds, along with the awful performance of the game, being totally different from what demos and trailers made it look like.

Since then, Gearbox promised to release a PC update to make the game run better, with graphics improvements and more. The promise is fulfilled, and now, Gearbox has released a 4 GB  update for Aliens: Colonial Marines in PC.

The update contains several fixes for graphics, along with better textures,  logic fixes, a better IA that makes allies and enemies faster and more aggressive and more. It might not be the game they promised at full, but now it’s nearer to what it should had been from the start. You can see the complete list of fixes at this site.