Super Hang On 3D is coming to Nintendo 3DS

Super Hang On 3D is coming to Nintendo 3DS

by March 19, 2013

Part of Sega’s 3D classics

Sega Japan has just announced that they are going to release one of their finest classic arcades, Super Hang-On,  as a 3D classic for Nintendo 3DS, just like they recently did with Space Harrier.

There isn’t much info about it, but as Space Harrier did, it is expected to be a port of the original arcade game with several new features like tilt controls and 3D graphics. It’s going to be released next 27th March in Japan, for 600 Yen.

Along with it, it is revealed to be two more Sega 3D classics coming soon in the future. There is no info on when are they going to come overseas, if they are going to do it, but recent Australian ratings point that we are going to be able to play them soon, at least, Space Harrier 3D.