“Unleashed Project” mod for Sonic Generations now available

“Unleashed Project” mod for Sonic Generations now available

by March 20, 2013

Didn’t play Sonic Unleashed? It’s new to you

In a long list of things I wish Sega had done, more Sonic Generations DLC is pretty high up on that list. That was a game absolutely full to the brim with DLC possibilities, and outside of a decidedly throwaway pinball table, we got nothing. In a way, it doesn’t make any sense – after producing both DLC for Sonic 06 and Sonic Unleashed, bonus downloadable stages for Sonic Generations seemed like the next logical step. Alas.

Fortunately, fans have begun to pick up the slack – thanks in part to the efforts of Dario_FF and the software SonicGMI, custom Sonic Generations levels have been possible for a while now. Today, we see the release of the grand daddy of them all: The Unleashed Project. Though Sonic Generations does not flaunt it quite as obviously, it’s actually running on a modified version of Unleashed‘s “Hedgehog Engine”, and with a lot of elbow grease, Dario and his team have more or less successfully ported over the majority of Sonic’s daytime stages.

Not everything is present and accounted for – most notably, Sonic Unleashed‘s ridiculously massive final level, “Eggmanland”, is missing in action, as are a handful of level mechanics. Still, Dario and crew have done their best to work around these limitations, and some levels, like the New-York-analog Skyscraper Scamper, even come out a little better for it (others, like Cool Edge, are considerably more frustrating thanks to differences in physics and game mechanics).

Links to torrent the sizable 2.3gb file are available at the project’s Moddb page. Perhaps coincidentally, if you do not yet own a copy of Sonic Generations for the PC, it happens to be 50% off today on Steam. Do keep in mind, however: even if you have a gaming-class PC able to play Sonic Generations well, the Sonic Unleashed mod by itself can be pretty demanding. My PC is getting to be kind of dated on the hardware side of things, but it can usually play Sonic Generations at 60fps – but a detailed stage like Jungle Joyride brought my system to its knees. An optional “Low End” mod is provided to help alleviate any performance problems you may encounter, however.