Attempts Underway to Independently Revive Sonic Fan Remix

Attempts Underway to Independently Revive Sonic Fan Remix

by March 25, 2013

Can a Fan Favorite Return from the Scrap Heap?

In its short lifespan, Sonic Fan Remix may be one of the most hyped fan projects in recent memory.  Upon first sight of its brilliant, beautiful re-imagined environments from Sonic 2, many in the community and beyond were impressed.  Unfortunately, the two principal developers on the project, Pelikan13 and Mercury, couldn’t see the Unity based SFG to anything more than a demo spanning a few levels and, like many Sonic fan games, never saw completion.

But that could change with your help.  A project alum who assisted making models for SFR the first time around now wants to see the game return to glory, and see completion.  The modeler, identified on Youtube as Phil Walker, posted a virtual classified ad for a programmer on last week.

“Back in 2010 I started to help out on the next level of this fan made game. But unfortunately it’s no longer active. But I still believe in this project and I am looking for someone with the same enthusiasm,” reads the listing.

Accompanying the request were a couple early work-in-progress videos that show assets from the game remain in existence and editable.  It does not appear Pelikan13 or Mercury have a role in this revival.

If you have the talent and are interested in helping to finish what was, by nearly all accounts, one of the strongest SFGs seen to date, hit the link above and let your interest be known.