Sonic the Hedgehog announced for iOS and Android

Sonic the Hedgehog announced for iOS and Android

by March 26, 2013

Not what you were expecting…or is it?

Sega has announced today that a new Sonic game is coming to iOS and Android devices. But hold on, this is not a new game made by Hardlight, and of course, not any of the bigger games like a new installment of Sonic 4, no. This is the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic 1 for short, once again.

But! This is not your usual emulation of the game. Spanish site Sonic Paradise reports that this time, it is completely adapted and remade for the mobile devices, with updates like Time Attack mode in which you can compete against your friends best times, a remastered soundtrack, and a completely remade engine, full in widescreen and stable 60 Fps, just like Christian Whitehead ( A.K.A The Taxman) did with Sonic CD, so this one is probably also his.

The game is going to be released soon, this spring, in Android and iOS devices, with a price of $2.99. The site Android Police also reports that Sonic 2 is getting a similar treatment, so we should hear about it soon too.