MMO Stretch Goal Dropped from Big Blue Kickstarter

MMO Stretch Goal Dropped from Big Blue Kickstarter

by March 27, 2013

You Won’t Be Swimming with the World’s Fishes

We’ve been keeping tabs on Ed Annunziata’s Big Blue Kickstarter project, meant to be a spiritual successor to Ecco the Dolphin, and this caught our eye: A planned stretch goal that would turn the proposed game into a full MMO should double the requested amount of $665,000 be raised has been taken off the table.

No public reason has been given for the change; an explanation is only available to those who have already backed the project.  A 150% stretch goal that would add multiplayer and co-op remains.

As of this article’s publication, the Big Blue project has raised close to $40,000 with 32 days to go in the effort.  While a great start, it remains less than ten percent of the main goal.  You can contribute by going here.