Whitehead Speaks About Sonic 1/2 Mobile Remaster

Whitehead Speaks About Sonic 1/2 Mobile Remaster

by March 27, 2013

Along with Another Community Contributor

Upon yesterday’s news of another re-release for both Sonic 1 and 2 for Android and iOS, much has been made about the man assumed to be behind the project, Christian Whitehead, and the additional features planned.¬† A little less has been made about the idea that this will be the latest in a very long line of re-releases for the classic titles.

With that in mind, Whitehead addressed both sides of the coin in posts to Sonic Retro overnight, affirming his involvement in the project and explaining why buying another version of the game is worthwhile:

SEGA asked me not too long ago to go back and revamp the mobile versions of Sonic 1&2. No more emulation, these are Retro-Engine remakes.

“We’ve already played Sonic 1 a million times!”

I know, so have I ūüėõ But this is more about bringing the other games into line with Sonic CD (iOS will get these as an update to the existing version). I can’t mention specifics, but there will be the usual improvements and (non-sexual!) fan service.


To clarify on the whole ‘Remastering’ thing:

The arrangements are identical to the originals, using FM synthesis. But they have been put together in a DAW environment and given an actual mix as opposed to simply recording the existing music. The Drum samples are sourced from the original synthesiser so they’re super clean and crisp too.

Whitehead also affirmed he’s not the only community talent on board for the project.¬† Simon Thomley, known to most as Stealth, is also contributing.¬† Stealth’s deep portfolio was featured here earlier this month.

“With our combined experience and different styles of ‘porting’, this should be even more accurate than what I did alone with Sonic CD,” Whitehead said.

The use of an update for iOS should be welcome news to those who already own the game on Apple’s devices, but given how many prominent community voices have urged support through a purchase so far, it may make gauging success on the platform quite difficult.¬† It will be easier on the Android platform, since it will be the first time the original Sonic sees a release on that mobile platform.

Whitehead did not indicate whether this remastered edition will make it onto anything but the aforementioned mobile systems.¬† We are checking to see if that’s at least being considered, and when we know something, we will report it here.