Suggestion Made of More Genesis Mobile Updates

Suggestion Made of More Genesis Mobile Updates

by March 28, 2013

Will Other Classics Get Some TLC?

A preview for the upcoming Retro Engine update of the 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog from Slide to Play may have indicated this may not be the only Sega game to get an overhaul.

Take a look at this passage from the STP preview:

When asked if they’re eventually upgrading other disappointing Genesis iOS games like Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and Gunstar Heroes, one Sega brand manager wouldn’t reveal any new details, but a Sega executive we talked to casually indicated “that was the plan.” The Sega Genesis lineup on iOS needs improvement, so hopefully this major update to Sonic the Hedgehog is just the first in a series of tune-ups.

Keep in mind that this was a casual conversation, so no concrete details were shared, including the prospect of who would handle such updates.  The Retro Engine is versatile and, according to engine creator Christian Whitehead’s website, is versatile enough to handle many times of classic games of “the 32bit console generation and below.”

What was disclosed in the Slide to Play preview, however, is news that the Sonic 1 re-release will come with an option to toggle Sonic’s spin dash attack.