Taxman on S1&2 Remaster: “Higher aspirations than being ‘the ports guy'”

Taxman on S1&2 Remaster: “Higher aspirations than being ‘the ports guy'”

by March 28, 2013

Clarification on the Stakes of the Latest Release

Much hype has been made since Monday’s news of a Retro Engine powered re-release and update to the 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog on mobile devices.  Plenty have already championed the effort, and prominent community names are already compelling others to purchase the combined work of Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley, who both started as strong community talent.

But in remarks made on the Sonic Stadium forums, Whitehead believes the hype and the agenda behind some of it is being taken a bit too far.

“No, Sonic Retro doesn’t know anything that isn’t already public knowledge,” Whitehead said, referring to strong efforts made by Retro staff to compel purchase commitments with no overt reason given.  “But it’s no secret that I’ve championed the cause of improving the treatment of the Classic Sonic franchise. You can see this by simply comparing the iGenesis version of Sonic 1 (with its mismatched modern Sonic art, frame rate and sound quality etc) to Sonic CD (and this version of Sonic 1 when some GDC footage perhaps surfaces).”

Whitehead also said that eventually, he’d like to do more than just port old Sonic games.

“I also have higher aspirations than being ‘the ports guy,'” Whitehead said.  “All they’re doing is (very kindly) supporting my work in the hopes that it’ll lead to bigger things. Could that possibly be a brand new Sonic game? Another Sega venture? Or something totally unrelated?”

Whitehead could not go further, implying the above questions were hypothetical and that “game development is fraught with NDA and professional obligations.”

We are wondering if you do plan to buy these titles again based on the Taxman name alone.  Tell us your thoughts below in the comments.