Sonic Dash for free today, gets a massive update

Sonic Dash for free today, gets a massive update

by March 29, 2013

Get the game for free, just today

Those with an iOS device are very lucky today. Both if you have already purchased Sonic Dash and if you’re not, now you’ll be able to enjoy more about that game, since Hardlight studios has announced that Sonic Dash is avalaible today for free. And why, you might think? Well, besides the obvious push to the game user base, the game has received today a massive update.

This new update includes several fixes for compatibility issues with Iphone 4 and iPod Touch 4, along with tweaks at the difficulty of the game and what’s more interesting, a new game mode called “Daily challenges”, in where you’ll get daily challenges as the name says and get several items as a prize for completing them. The more days in a row you compete in them, the bigger the prizes will be, going from a set of rings or generic items to the prized Red Rings you can use to unlock more playable challenges.

So, both if you haven’t got the game yet, or if you already had it, you can now play Sonic Dash an compete for those daily prices! Go download it while it’s still free, the deal is only for today!