Yu Suzuki Spotted at GDC with Sony’s Mark Cerny

Yu Suzuki Spotted at GDC with Sony’s Mark Cerny

by March 29, 2013

Are They Really Talking Shenmue III?

Many fans holding hope of a continuation of the Shenmue franchise took notice of a Tweet issued earlier this morning from the Game Developers Conference, underway right now in San Francisco.

The Tweet, in fact, is from GDC general manager Meggan Scavio.  The picture is of Yu Suzuki, best known for Shenmue among other franchises, and Sony’s Mark Cerny, another well known designer who is now the lead designer for Sony’s upcoming Playstation 4.  It’s the commentary one should take note of, however:

Though we suspect the remark may have been tongue-in-cheek, it’s not totally out of left field to consider whether Cerny is talking to Suzuki and perhaps Sega about reviving Shenmue as a PS4 exclusive. It would not be the first time Sega has made such arrangements; the company recently allowed Nintendo to take the lead on a Bayonetta sequel, saving the franchise from being a one-hit wonder.

While it’s tough to derive anything from the photo-op, assume it’s for the best case scenario and that something Shenmue related may be in the works for Playstation 4. Would that alone compel you to purchase the new Sony system? Tell us in the comments below.