After Burner Climax Sort of Arrives on Android

After Burner Climax Sort of Arrives on Android

by March 30, 2013

Released and Promptly Pulled

Sega’s determination to bolster their presence on mobile platforms continues. However, it appears that the company’s most recent attempt to do so has suffered quite the setback. Yesterday, an Android port of Sega’s hit arcade game After Burner Climax was released on Google’s Play Store. For those of you that need a refresher, After Burner is Sega’s long-running combat flight simulator franchise, the first two entries of which were designed by Yu Suzuki, the mastermind behind the Shenmue games. After Burner Climax arrived in arcades in 2006, and its success led to several ports: a version for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network released in 2010, a version for iOS devices released in February of this year, and the aforementioned Android port.

This newest port, released for a reasonable $2.99, claimed to support Android devices running version 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) and up, but according to mobile news site Android Police, few users have been able to enjoy this breadth of compatibility. Widespread reports of the game immediately crashing on many different Android devices have surfaced and, in response to these game-breaking bugs, the port is no longer available for purchase.

As of now, we have no official word on when After Burner Climax will return to the Play Store. In the meantime, if you’ve given the port a chance on your Android device, let us know how you fared in the comments section below.