TSSZ Turns 14 Today

TSSZ Turns 14 Today

by April 2, 2013

To Another Year Going Beyond Blue

Today, April 2nd, marks TSSZ’s official fourteenth birthday.

First unofficially online as The Super Sonic Zone in 1998, we consider this day in 1999 to be our official opening.  Our philosophy then was as it is today: We are here to bring you Sonic, Sega and video game news quickly, completely, and fearlessly.  In between then and now, we’ve accomplished a lot, from radio broadcasts on FM and online, to a distinct focus on community events, to charity involvement, to major events coverage around the world and explanations of complex legal cases.  In it all, we’ve never lost our uncanny ability to ask questions.

In the five years since TSSZ relaunched, more than 14 million people have stopped by.  We now serve about 10,000 readers daily on average.  We’ve informed, entertained, and sometimes angered and offended.  Most of all, we hope we have earned your respect, and if not, we will continue working hard to earn it. As much as it may surprise some to hear, I do not take any success derived from this site for granted; I always consider criticism of all sorts to improve your experience here.  I am not perfect, and this is not a perfect website for everyone.  But in times of good and bad, there is little else I prefer to do.

The year ahead should bring exciting things, and we would love for you to be a part of it.  Be sure to follow TSSZ on Twitter if you’re not already, as we tend to solicit feedback from there.