New video of Super Hang On 3D

New video of Super Hang On 3D

by April 6, 2013

Shows a little insight of the 3D arcade  port

Some time ago, SEGA Japan announced that Super Hang-On would join Space Harrier at their 3D Classics series of updated ports to Nintendo 3DS’s Virtual Console.

Not many new features were revealed with the official announcement of Super Hang-On, 3D revision of their 1987 arcade classic, except it would have the same treatment as Space Harrier did before: Multiple options, stereoscopic 3D graphics, a mode who emulates the behaviour of the original arcade cabinet, and much more.

Now, we can see some of those features thanks to this hands on video, published by Nintendaan1‘s youtube channel. It has still not been confirmed to be released to the west, but it is expected to do it, as Space Harrier, who is not confirmed in Europe and America, but it was rated at Australia so there are almost a sure thing that they will be released overseas.

You can see the video down below.