Sega Announces PSO2: Episode II

Sega Announces PSO2: Episode II

by April 8, 2013

Where’s Balough When You Need Him?

Though there are now questions as to whether Phantasy Star Online 2 will even make it to Western shores after a vague delay announced by Sega West, the mothership in Japan continues its efforts to strengthen the F2P MMO with news that a follow-up installment, dubbed Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode II.

Not much is known about the follow-up, according to a Siliconera report.  The only information available at the moment is word that Episode II will have a new story and some new features, but a live broadcast happening in Japan later this evening and overnight should shed some light.

While the Sonic 4 jokes write themselves, the original Phantasy Star Online was also episodic.  Episode I and II were released in various forms on Dreamcast, XBOX, PC and Nintendo GameCube.  The card play based Episode III was a GameCube exclusive, while the Windows exclusive Blue Burst added a fourth episode.

When we have details, they’ll be available here.