Creative Assembly Director to Temporarily Oversee Relic

Creative Assembly Director to Temporarily Oversee Relic

by April 10, 2013

Tim Heaton Assures No Plan to Merge Studios

The director of Sega owned Creative Assembly, Tim Heaton, has been named interim general manager of Sega’s newly acquired Relic studio in Canada, according to a report from CVG.

The two studios are heavily involved in strategy game development.  But in the CVG article, Heaton says, “there are no plans to tie the two studios together.”

Heaton, however, did note the two studios could stand to share knowledge in order to make everyone’s product better:

Sega bought Relic because they could see the staffs’ depth of ability and knowledge in the PC strategy space. The studio has had a tough time in the past few years with a publisher struggling to support them, but it’s a testament to the way Relic works that it has had great staff retention, and that it has focused on making Company of Heroes 2 a great game.

To be honest we could see many similarities with Creative Assembly – they’re pragmatic, deeply experienced and retain focus on the important things.

Recently delayed, the next Relic title, Company of Heroes 2, will be released in late June.