Community DeviantARTist to Produce Archie Sonic “Off Panel” Segments

Community DeviantARTist to Produce Archie Sonic “Off Panel” Segments

by April 24, 2013

From a Passion to a Professional

We have seen a lot of dedicated fans in the Sonic community be granted the opportunity to turn their passion for Sonic into steady, professional careers.  It has happened fairly recently on the game development side with Taxman, Stealth, and others, but the practice has been more common on the side of Archie Comics, notably with community-grown talent Ian Flynn rising to become the series’ main writer.

You can add another person to that list.  Chibi Jen-Hen, known for her work on DeviantART and elsewhere, announced she has been commissioned to produce the Off Panel segment for Sonic Universe 55 through 58.

“I hope to do these little Off Panels justice,” she wrote on the Bumbleking forums.  “I’ve got big shoes to fill, but I hope you will enjoy what I do! Even if this is the only work I ever do for the book.”

Off Panel is a short strip at the end of each Archie Sonic comic.  Contributors to the series include Jon Gray, currently around Bumbleking and formerly of one-time behemoth fan site Sonic HQ.