Fan Fridays Recap: January-April 2013

Fan Fridays Recap: January-April 2013

by April 26, 2013

Missed an Article? We’ve Got You Covered

It’s time to recap the last four months of Fan Friday spotlights. If you missed an article or you really want to read one of them again, now’s your chance. We’ll be back next week with more new content, so if you have something you want us to feature, send us a link at


Sergio Borges (artwork)

Sonic (fan film)

Shadow of a Hedgehog (fan site)


SnappleMan (remixes)

Sonic Generations Mods (modding)

Vitav (sculptures)

Assorted Art and Music (artwork and remixes)


Robotnik’s Revenge (modding)

Mash-Up! (remix)

LakeFeperd’s Latest (fan games)

MissNeens (artwork)

Easter Art (artwork)


Not Enough Rings (comic)

Skye Meredith (original music)