Weekend Sale for Sonic Dash Bundles

Weekend Sale for Sonic Dash Bundles

by April 27, 2013

Need a push? Now you can do it cheaper.

Sega has announced that only this weekend, you can get for cheaper two of the Sonic Dash bundles. If you need more rings, or you’re short of Red Rings, and you don’t mind paying with real money for them, now is your chance to get them for less money, a 70% cheaper in fact!

For only 99 cents / 69p / €0.89 / 0.99 AUD, you can now but the Boost Bundle, who gives you 5000 extra rings, or the Breeze Bundle, who gives you 30 extra Red Rings.

And remember! If you still hasn’t get hold of Sonic Dash for iOS, you can now do it for free!