Preview Released for Sonic CD Themed OCRemix Album

Preview Released for Sonic CD Themed OCRemix Album

by May 2, 2013

Sample Some “Temporal Duality” Inside

Back in January, we told you about a new Sonic CD themed project in the works from OCRemix.  Titled Temporal Duality, the project set out to remix both international and North American tunes from the 1993 classic.

Earlier this week, a long montage from the remix album was released to Youtube.  You can listen to the montage below.  Track artists include DusK, Rexy, PROTODOME, and co-creator DiGi Valentine.

The project is still on track to release during 2013, though a more specific timetable was not disclosed with this release, though given the current deadlines set forth by project manager SuperiorX, a late summer release doesn’t appear out of the question.  A discussion forum dedicated to the project can be found here.