Sonic for Hire To Likely End After 7th Season

Sonic for Hire To Likely End After 7th Season

by May 6, 2013

Machinima Series Suffering from Viewership Decline

With the sixth season of Machinima comedy series Sonic for Hire set to finish shortly, an announcement today on the short’s Facebook page alludes that the next series may be its last.

“Season Six is coming to a close! And the seventh and most likely the FINAL season of Sonic For Hire is coming this August,” read the message.

A further explanation in the post’s comments explains the series’ demise may be due to declining views.

“The biggest thing that could keep this series alive is more views,” reads a response from the producers. “Honestly. The more hits the episodes get, the more profitable it is for Machinima.”

Current figures of about 150,000 views an episode were cited.  An average of 500,000 views an episode is being sought to keep the series alive past next season.

We will let you know what happens with Sonic for Hire once a decision is official.