Announced 3D Sonic the Hedgehog for Nintendo 3DS

Announced 3D Sonic the Hedgehog for Nintendo 3DS

by May 7, 2013

A whole new remake, or Taxman/Stealth’s version?

Sega of Japan has just announced on their site that the next game to land on their 3D classic remasters for Nintendo 3DS eShop is 3D Sonic the Hedgehog, a renewed version of the classic Sega Mega Drive/Genesis game that started it all.

This new version is heading to the Sega 3D Classic series for Nintendo 3DS eShop, and will join titles like 3D Space Harrier and 3D Super Hang On, already announced an released at Japan, and Japan Only, since none of them have been released or confirmed in America or Europe.

This new version will include several upgrades, like a Level Select where you can select with level to play at any moment, a Save State option where you can save the game and restart it just where you’ve left it the next time you play it, selectable Japanese or west release of the game so you can choose if you want to see water rippling effects on Labyrinth Zone or not, selectable Spindash, customizable controls, a new screen mode who let you play the game just like if you were playing it right off an old CRT screen, with blurred image that imitates RF output and a marquee that imitates an old TV combed image,  the ability to adjust music balance between PSG and FM audio and fixed balances to simulate the first and the second model of Mega Drive music slight differences, and, of course, the trademark stereoscopic 3D image, this time with Stereognostic option, so you can choose if you like to see 3D as an added deepness to the back of the 3D screen, or if you want the image to pop out to you.

The game will be released next May 15th in Japan, with a price of 600 Yen, and is part of Sega’s 25th anniversary of Mega Drive celebration in Japan.

There is no confirmation of the game being, in fact, Taxman and Stealth’s Retro Engine remake, although there are some similarities between them like Spindash or audio enhancement. We will have to wait until further confirmation of Sega or the developer themselves about if this 3D version is the same as iOS and Android are getting, or it’s a completely different one, made by a different team. Also, there is no confirmation of the game coming west yet.

We will keep you informed about any update in this regard. Meanwhile, you can see the official announcement screenshots of this 3D Sonic the Hedgehog.