RUMOR: Sega at Work on Another M&S Olympics Title?

RUMOR: Sega at Work on Another M&S Olympics Title?

by May 10, 2013

Wii U Sonic Support May Not Stop There

There has been plenty of speculation on the next major Sonic game around since the beginning of the year.  Much of it has been proven false, and Sega employees have remained fairly tight-lipped on the matter, offering no hints on what’s to come.

But what we’ve come across on the IGN forums is a bit more grounded in reality than the rumors preceding it.  An alleged Nintendo insider under the handle 100-Year-Old-Gamer has been taking forumer questions in the lead-up to E3 next month, and Sonic and Sega’s role was discussed in one post.  This particular sentence caught our eye:

A few Sonic games are currently being made (all of which will be on Wii U), I can’t say much about them, but the one made by Sega Sports R&D is a Nintendo exclusive!

If you’re not aware, Sega Sports R&D is known commonly as Sega Sports Japan, and they are the group behind all of the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games titles to date.  We are less than a year away from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, so a Holiday release makes sense should the series continue.  Also consider that the series is a strong seller, and a Holiday release especially designed for Wii U may help get that console back on track.

Elsewhere, 100-Year-Old-Gamer says Sonic should make a return appearance in the next Super Smash Bros. title, and others from Namco and Platinum are being considered.  That could mean Bayonetta is in the works for SSB4, though that is our own analysis of the remark.

There are some in the thread who have doubted the source’s authenticity given some of his earlier predictions.  Still, a new M&S Olympics for WiiU at least seemed plausible even without these remarks–enough so that despite our labeling this story as RUMOR, we believe there is a very real chance of seeing it soon.  Concerning SSB4, we’re 50/50 on Sonic and have a bit less confidence on Bayonetta, though the cross promotion could serve well for bringing a new audience to WiiU exclusive Bayonetta 2.

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